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Spectacular fossil plants preserved in a volcanic ash fall in China shed light on an evolutionary race 300 million years ago that was ultimately derived from the seed-bearing plants that dominate so much of the earth today.
After Loyola-Chicago hit his ticket to the NCAA tournament on Sunday, head coach Porter Moser announced to sister Jean.
Thailand was ranked 3rd in ASEAN, 9th in 40 Asia-Pacific countries and 42nd in the world in the latest Economic Freedom Index. Singapore tops the list for the second year in a row, followed by New Zealand...
Travelers looking for remote locations could be excluded if indigenous guides close the gates to visitors at destinations across Cape York.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed admiration for the Queen and the unified role she will play in the UK and beyond on Monday, trying to stay away from Meghan Markle's allegations of racism against the royal family.
Customer experience specialist Sabio is turning to acquisition again to expand its capabilities and market reach