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. . Hayward's weekly touchless grocery distribution has been postponed from Thursday to Tuesday due to Thanksgiving.
. . If you are able to pretend COVID-19 isn't a real problem, you can also pretend it isn't Thursday's Thanksgiving Day.
. . The Tulare County Fire Department said seven railroad cars had derailed. Caltrans officials said the derailment resulted in a spillage of hazardous materials.
. . We're not quite on the Drive through Thanksgiving Dinner in Florida yet, but if you blink properly it may be on the horizon.
. . Tesla Inc. . According to a Wall Street analyst, stocks could double from current levels as global demand for electric vehicles rises over the next five years.
. . Raiders remain in good shape for the playoff run, but defense will continue to be an issue for the last six games.
. . BOSTON (AP) - A friendly festival shared by the brave pilgrims and their natives. . .
. . Last week, Arkansas Sen.. . Tom Cotton criticized the New York Times' grocery section for a story where the Thanksgiving story of pilgrims contained myths about how early settlers treated Indians. But the piece by food reporter Brett Anderson was only telling the truth, writes critic Soleil Ho - and apparently it's a bitter pill that some have to swallow.