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Canalys today released statistics on "wristwatches", a convoluted category that encompasses both smartwatches and "simple watches". Canalys does not describe what they call a "simple watch". Most likely, Canalys added "simple watch" to dilute Apple's massive leader....
SINGAPORE - When international student Amber (not her real name) was accepted into a Masters course at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in May this year, she immediately applied to enter Singapore with a student passport.
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Fitbits Inspire 2 wearable is powered by Tile, making it easier to find your tracker when it is not on your wrist. The update means the Inspire 2's Bluetooth radio can be used for location pings with...
The wearable AI market in Asia-Pacific is expected to register a growth rate of over 50% in the coming years due to the increase in average income in countries like South Korea, India, Japan and China
The printed sensors will work like any portable monitoring device, and researchers hope they can be modified to meet specific needs such as identifying symptoms of COVID-19
Top Apple smartwatch has new blood oxygen sensor while new SE has main features at reduced price