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. . ULMWP chairman Benny Wenda said he was ready to discuss Papuan and West Papuan issues with President Jokowi.
When PROTESTS took to the streets in cities across the world demanding independence, a leader of their cause waved the flag of
The exile leader Benny Wenda has been appointed interim president of West Papua
. . Hundreds of Papuans are gathering in at least eight Indonesian cities to renew demands for independence, a separatist group said it had formed a provisional government in exile.
. . Indonesia needs to conduct "thorough, independent and impartial" investigations into a number of violent incidents in its easternmost provinces, a UN spokesman said.
. . Treasurer Cameron Dick delivers the long-awaited state budget and promises there will be "no surprises". .
. . On the occasion of Independence Day in West Papua, experts could say the declaration could mark the start of their journey to independence.
. . Embassy official rejects "anger and roar" via tweet; new WA border rules, according to which the quarantine is not on 8. December must start; Paul Fletcher complains to the ABC chairman about the Four Corners program. Follow the latest updates
. . West Papuan separatists have announced that they will form a new provisional government for the region and reject Indonesia's rule in a significant escalation of a decade-long struggle for independence.
The provincial breakaway ULMWP movement appoints the exile leader as interim president as the conflict-ridden Indonesian region marks Independence Day
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