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The Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued an air quality advisory for Tuesday and Wednesday because of smoke coming into the region from wildfires further north in California and Oregon.
The Peace Air Shed Zone Association says the Air Quality Health Index reached into the high range in Grande Pr...
The highly polluting airshow should be a relic of the past as we face the climate crisis. Dear Seattle, it’s time to be as brave as a mother. There’s one topic intruding into our thoughts this summer: When will smoke season in Seattle begin? Can we plan fall birthday parties outdoors anymore? Are there enough toys
Strong winds blew outdoor furniture into a pool at a resort on Alabama’s Gulf Coast as severe thunderstorms continued in the region on Friday, June 16.Footage filmed by Gabriella Thompson shows stormy conditions at a resort in Orange Beach on Friday morning.Winds up to 70 mph and quarter-size hail were forecasted for the area on Friday morning, the National Weather Service warned. Credit: Gabriella Thompson via Storyful
Rolling report: The Heat play host to the Nuggets in Game 3 of the NBA finals at Miami’s Kaseya Center. Follow all the action with Hunter Felt
There has been a lot of talk about air quality levels as nearly the entire tri-state area has been engulfed by smoke coming down from wildfires in Canada. But what do all the numbers actually mean? The number that has been used most often is Air Quality Index (AQI), which reached “hazardous” levels on Wednesday. By 4 p.m. the AQI…
Air quality conditions in the Northeast have made even the most picturesque golf courses frightening.