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DOPAGE - L'Agence mondiale antidopage vient de publier la liste officielle des produits interdits à partir de 2022.
Highlights from men's volleyball at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
Shortly after she won the Oregon Olympics last month, she tested positive for chemicals in marijuana.
Antyukh and Silnov were both charged last year with anti-doping violations resulting from a report commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency that a state-sponsored doping system existed in Russia.
. . The Sports Arbitration Court ruling reduced a four-year ban to two. It will keep Russian teams - but not necessarily Russian athletes - away from the next two Olympics.
Russian athletes and teams will continue to be allowed to compete in the Tokyo Olympics next year and the Beijing 2022 Winter Games as long as they are not involved in doping
. . The ruling reduced a four-year ban to two but will keep Russian teams away from the next two Olympics and dozen other global competitions.
. . Concerns have been raised that the new Covid-19 vaccine could be abused by adulterating drugs and could also pose a risk to clean athletes.. The issue was raised this week in the House of Lords with the Lord