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If the merger is completed, the Finnish state will be the second shareholder of the new company
HUS officials said sources of infection are known in only 16% of cases, meaning Covid can be contracted anywhere
The M/S Amorella, operated by Viking Line between Turku and Stockholm, hit ground in the Aland Islands archipelago between Finland and Sweden.
A Finnish passenger cruise ship ran aground off the island of Aland in the Baltic Sea, the cruise line said Sunday, with emergency services adding they were preparing to evacuate the vessel.
The situation is stable as preparations are under way to evacuate the Amorella, coastguard says.
The ferry struck the bottom of the sea just off the coast of Finland and ran itself aground to avoid sinking, say Finnish authorities.
HELSINKI (AP) — A Baltic Sea passenger ferry with nearly 300 people aboard has run aground in the Aland Islands archipelago between Finland and Sweden without injuries Sunday, and rescue officials were preparing to evacuate the vessel, Finnish authorities said. The Finnish coast guard tweeted that the M/S Amorella operated by ferry company Viking Line between the Finnish western port city of Turku and Swedish capital Stockholm is currently “stuck on the ground” south of the port of Langnas in the Aland Islands. “There are no reported human casualties,” Viking Line said in a short statement adding that the situation with the vessel was “stable." It added that the vessel has around 200 passengers and a crew of 80 aboard. The coast guard got alerted of the incident just before 1 p.m. Finnish time. Authorities were investigating why the ferry ran aground. The Aland Islands, an autonomous Finnish territory, are midway between the two port cities and M/S Amorella was set to make a scheduled stop there en route to Stockholm.
Rescue workers are evacuating passengers from a ship which ran aground in the Åland archipelago on Sunday afternoon.