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DIASPORA AFFAIRS: Chairman of the Conference of Presidents: We are more than just a passport number, we are a vital part of what constitutes Israel.
Téhéran (IQNA) - Des habitants de dizaines de villes du Maroc sont descendus dans la rue à l'occasion de la Journée mondiale de solidarité avec le peuple palestinien pour exprimer leur colère face à la normalisation des relations entre Rabat et Tel Aviv, la qualifiant de "trahison".
One of the few times in my career I was unable to maintain my diplomatic facade.
Seven years after the end of apartheid, a gathering came to Durban to abuse it against the Jewish state.
In the past few weeks there have been a number of deeply troubling moves by the tech giant affecting Jews.
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L’ayatollah Khamenei affirme qu’une participation populaire passionnée à l’élection présidentielle du 18 juin renforcera les capacités de l’administration élue et renforcera le statut sécuritaire et le pouvoir de dissuasion du pays.
One of the UK newspaper's editors-in-chief made a list of what the publication now considers to be its worst flaws.
Part of the Zionist revolution was not only laughing at ourselves, but laughing when others laughed at us.
We must break this cycle for the sake of Israel and our relationships with our friends and partners around the world.