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The Homes Under the Hammer team grew from three to five – met rookies Jackie Joseph and Tommy Walsh.

Thursday 19 November 2020 at 2:02 pm

When it comes to homework shows, Homes Under the Hammer is the mom of them all.

Typically presented by Martin Roberts, Dublin Debt, and Martel Maxwell, the show shows that the hosts cast their expert eyes on a number of properties before they go to the auction and then check with buyers to see how the renovations and structural improvements have been practiced..

And after 17 years on the air, the series will get a minor refresh in 2021, as two new sides of DIY join the show..

The submission team will move from three to five as Jackie Joseph and Tommy Walsh are now announced as new presenters..

So, while we welcome newcomers to the show, here’s everything you need to know about the amazing performers on Homes Under the Hammer, including original host Martin Roberts..

Jackie is a TV presenter and producer, who has appeared on a variety of entertainment and lifestyle shows including GMTV on ITV, Daybreak & Lorraine, and This Morning.

She was a co-producer and presenter for Discovery Home’s 15-part interior design / enhancements series called Room 2 B You. She also produced and provided BET Style for Viacom’s US Channel BET, customizing and updating clothing and making everything from bags to jewelry..

Recently featured in an eight-part « How To » guide for LoveHome at UKTV, showing viewers how to make everything from pillows to Roman curtains, sofa covers, table covers and place mats, as well as organizing banners and arranging flowers. She also serves as presenter for the BBC’s Money for Nothing – a series that turns « trash » into valuables. .

The news of her joining the show was revealed on Thursday November 19 at Morning Live with Kym Marsh and Gethin Jones..

When Joseph was asked if it was difficult to keep a secret, he said, “It was just a little. But in the end I told my family and they were so excited.

She added, “To tell you the truth, it’s one of my guilty pleasures – Homes Under the Hammer – it’s a show I watch when I can..

Craft expert Tommy Walsh will join the Home Under the Hammer in 2021 alongside Jacqui.

Best known for his days in the DIY Ground Force TV series, Tommy is a popular TV personality, presenter, and builder. He also worked on the Tommy Walsh challenge, which he and a team of experts saw in renovating people’s homes and gardens. .

Speaking of his new role, he said, “I’m really excited to be part of the team.

« You say, I have a little bit of experience behind me – about 60 years – and I think I can put that on the table and make the right decisions about renewing and restoring their auction properties. ».

Martin Roberts is a television presenter, real estate expert, investor, entrepreneur, and author. Roberts, one of the original hosts of Homes under the Hammer, joined the show when it first aired in 2003 and worked on it for the 17 years it aired..

Away from television, Martin Roberts is also a well-known author of children’s books and runs the MartinRoberts Foundation, a charity that supports carefully selected educational and well-being initiatives for children and youth. His latest project will see special educational copies of his book Sadsville distributed to every primary school in the UK and 4,000 public libraries along with educational resources designed to help improve children’s resilience and mental well-being..

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Speaking of the BBC’s success, he told the Radio Times. com: “I think the reason for this is because it takes home value. People can watch it and learn things so they can think, « Well, I can try this! » It’s ambitious and people see people like them. It’s not the kind of tough developer so that’s okay.

“People love property and I think it’s also a very snooping TV when you watch what other people are doing. I’d like to think my presentation style has something to do with [the call] as we interact and there are some coordination points, like we got cheeky music.. It all lives up to the program that has been on TV for so long. It’s almost like Heinz tomato soup. Now I think people need to rest. It’s a Bake Off of property. It’s a beautiful offer!

Dion is a television presenter and former soccer player. In 2015, he joined the introduction team of the BBC One daytime program. At the time, the presenters were Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts.

Martel is a journalist, writer and host of Scottish radio and television programs. She joined HUTH in 2017, after Alexander passed away.

She also reported on several daytime shows, including The One Show and Lauren on ITV. She was previously a co-host of BBC Three’s short-lived consumer affairs program Don’t Get Screwed and BBC Scotland on On the Road..

Series 1–24 of Homes Under the Hammer is available to broadcast on BBC iPlayer. Series 25 is set to air on BBC One in 2021. To read Martin Roberts Sadsville’s book, click here. If you are looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.

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World News – UK – Hosts for Homes Under the Hammer Two new arrivals join the team


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