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The wellness secrets of the famous designer include « intermittent » workouts, a good night’s sleep, and yes, vodka

Vera Wang usually hits the headlines creating great designs for her A-list clients. Be it for the red carpet or weddings, I’ve worked with almost every celebrity in the game. But earlier this year, it wasn’t what she styled that caused a stir online – it’s what she was wearing.

While isolating herself in Miami in May, the legendary designer, 71, shared a photo of her wearing a Palm Angels sports bra and white jeans that made the internet do a team double action after seeing her toned abs, hands and legs.

“I was totally shocked,” Wang told people exclusively when asked about her reaction to the coverage. “To be completely honest, the real goal of that photo was [to highlight] the sections of hair I had in my hair. And the hair clips don’t look well in the photo. So we really had to reduce everything I was wearing and keep the focus on my hair and those crystal sections. And the fact that it got to do with my Palm Angels workout shirt was pretty crazy.

After being behind so many unforgettable fashion moments, I was surprised that this put it first.

“I’m the type to always put dressed women first,” she explains. « I’m a fashion designer. And she wore some of the coolest women over the past 30 years on the red carpet when they actually won an Oscar, a Golden Globe or an Emmy.. And so I’m always the one to push them out, fix their train at the Met Gala.

She continues, “Up until my Vogue years as a session editor [I worked at the magazine for 16 years before moving to design], I made a lot of pictures and was always behind the camera.. So I always thought of myself as a person who, in all fairness, was the creator, not the subject. So it was kind of shocking. I can’t lie to you.

So what’s the secret to staying fit? It turns out it’s not a strict routine as one might think. “I would say it is sporadic. « Intermittent is the perfect word, » says Wang when asked about an exercise routine.. “I mean, you were an outstanding athlete in my youth. I was a competitive figure skater in the United States and a dancer at the Balanchine School of American Ballet. I think when you spend the first 16 years of your life physically engaged, something really stays with you. There is a muscle memory that goes along with that.

Although she found time during quarantine to get some exercise, which she says is great for warding off anxiety, maintaining a good sleep schedule has always been her most important self-care tool.

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“Sleep is the key to success in growing a company and raising two children,” Wang says.. I mean, I don’t think I could be if I couldn’t sleep. I had to rest because I feel rejuvenated. So sleep is a very big part and vodka definitely is. Because I mean, it’s great to be able to unwind with a cocktail.

She explains that « she’s not talking about eating 10 people, » but that the vodka cocktail transitions nicely from workday to dinner.. “It just creates a nice break.

Earlier this year, she was forced to take a somewhat breather (from going to the office at least) when government shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic halted work in their design offices and factories across the United States.. . s. Although Wang and her team continued to work remotely « non-stop », she says it definitely affected the brand’s fiscal year 2020, but she is starting to see improvement again..

“We had more delays than cancellations, oddly enough,” Wang shares. Brides did not give in to marriage. I think now more than ever they feel the desire, the need and the excitement about having a wedding. So this is a wonderful thing.

When asked what advice you would give brides when planning their big day, she said it was a completely personal decision.. «  What I love is that it’s really about choosing a bride. It’s just her decision, whether she wants to throw a small wedding or the two of them just throw a party and then put off the party..

« What I always say about weddings is that it’s your most public statement about your own feelings about someone and that’s important. ». “Marriage is one of the most optimistic positive things. Because she is placing a bet, she says, “I’m going to really try to make this relationship committed and important to my life. “And I think that’s really cool today now more than ever.

So for anyone wanting to make this ad, Wang is your go-to brand when it comes to everything to do with wedding dresses – from dresses (she designed dresses for countless stars including Alicia Keys, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian) to gifts. (Her Vera Wang Wedgwood collection is available at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Bed Bath and Beyond) and the rings (she has an engagement set in Zales, Vera Wang Love), they cover every corner of the market.

“What I love about jewelry is that it is an investment. In an impermanent world we live in, it’s a durable thing, « she says when asked about her latest designs for Zales.. “You’re investing in a piece, whether it’s an engagement ring or something you wear every day for fun.

For customers who want to make their own, the Vera Wang LOVE configurator allows them to choose from cutting, carat weight, mounting and metal options.

In addition to designing her first Zales campaign (shown in the images above), Wang promises that more exciting projects are underway.. “We’ve had a lot of motivation as a company. I think we are all excited about the contributions we can make in everything we do. Not only aesthetically, but emotionally.

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World News – US – Vera Wang interacts with her sports bra Photo Going Viral: « I’m totally shocked »


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