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Entrepreneurs Aisha Chottani and Faheem Kajee brought their product Moment: Drink Your Meditation to the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if they could get a deal from one of the investors.

The duo introduced their beverage product to longtime sharks Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John, and sometimes guest shark Blake Mycoskie.

According to the episode synopsis, the entrepreneurs come from New York City and “try to enjoy their moment in the tank while asking the sharks to take a sip of their stress relieving drink. ”

According to the company’s website, Moment’s founders have practiced meditation for years, but they also realize that not everyone can respond to it. However, they wanted everyone to feel like they were showing off their best, most creative, and most productive selves.

« Meditation is tough, » it says on the website. « We understand. We created moment so that you can get some of that feeling without all of this work. ”

You started the company to help more people relieve stress through some type of meditation, without the work behind the meditation itself.

According to the website, Moment is a low-calorie and also caffeine-free drink.

The drink contains no caffeine, no added sugar, has a total of 9 to 15 calories, contains « no wrong ingredients », is keto-friendly, contains natural adaptogens & plant compounds and is refreshing.

The drinks arrive in 11. 5 FL Oz (340 ml) cans of « Guaranteed Zen, » explains the website.

According to FoodHack, Moment is made up of a proprietary formula designed to reduce stress, improve focus, and encourage creativity.

The company launched its product in the summer of 2020 and opted for a « Zen Guarantee » for the drinks. If a client does not get the promised benefits, they can get one month meditation sessions in the house.

The drink is made from botanicals and adaptogens that, according to the website, promote alpha brainwaves, which also appear during meditation, creating a sense of calm and clarity.

According to the FoodHack article, Faheem Kajee drank up to ten cups of coffee a day and barely slept. Then he had health problems and decided to improve his life through meditation.

« It has improved their life, improved focus, and decreased stress, » the website says. “He wanted to share this feeling with the world so that everyone could take a break in the afternoon. ”

It took them two years to develop their product and now 1% of the proceeds go to helping children in schools learn mindfulness.

At the time of writing, Moment is available in three different flavors, but can also be purchased as part of a variety pack.

The flavors currently available are hibiscus dragon fruit, tulsi lemon, and rooibos blood orange. Each of the drinks is described as botanical water and contains neither sugar nor caffeine. The beverage packages start at $ 21 for the variety package and can be purchased online as a subscription or a one-time purchase.

Switch to Shark Tank to see if Moment: Drink Your Meditation can get a deal from one of the sharks.

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World News – USA – Hold on: Drink your meditation on ‘Shark Tank ‘: 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know


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